To understand well Fascism regime and how it operates in Rwanda, it’s good to understand first what ‘fascist’ is, and his characteristics. After that we examine the existence of fascism and what is going on in this current reign of Paul Kagame.
The considerable thinking and debate have been devoted to this kind of ideology. The term ‘fasces’ forged from the Latin noun describing a roped bundle of sticks, symbol of the need to bind separate peoples under one authority. In another words fascism is a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly tolerate opposition and criticism, regimenting all power in which a government is ruled by a dictator controls all the lives of the people and are not allowed to disagree with the government.

This complex ideology was borrowed from philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900 and quickly seized and applied by Benito Mussolini in Italy, and then by Hitler Fascist leader of German and others. For Nietzsche, the world was being ill-served by rational thinkers who desired and developed such ideologies as democracy and liberalism. He maintained that individuals should not be fettered by the disciplines of rationality, but be free-spirited and ready to engage in a struggle against their fellow men, a battle of wills in which only the strong can succeed. In this way fascists are opposed to the application of rational theories in politics but strong-willed, and society is ruled by strength and purpose rather than by week ideology.

When it comes to the study of Rwandan fascism, we find that this ideology is absolutely applied by Paul Kagame. In this regard, in order to understand what is going on, it is very important to describe the main characteristics of fascist system:

1. Racism and Nationalism: Even if these two terms are often treated as incompatible in politics but it is not the case in the fascism regime. Fascist uses nationalism as means by which the solidarity of the state could be maintained. His belief is that a people are bound together by common ancestry, origin, language, culture and history with the straggle to create a living state under his control. Fascist denies any differentiation of identity, but in reality hides behind on schematic of racism and forcing people losing their true identity. The racism idea represents a more emotional response to race or ethnic than a political durable one. For his own interest is to power, fascist desires the racial or ethnical exclusion, elimination and marginalization.

Let us corroborate with today’s Rwanda, where after killing mass of people Hutu, Tutsi and Twa, ethnically-based discrimination has been promoted by RPF that favourites a specific ethnic group (abacitse kw’icumu) to the exclusion of others (Batwa-Bahutu and Batutsi), meaning unity and conciliation (Nationalism)! Although the unity and reconciliation can be indeed the important issue due to our historical background, they cannot be however by refusal of different groups or ethnicity reality. It is difficult therefore to say that you promote a category of people while denying the status of that category. The true Unity and reconciliation or truthful nationalism (depending on where you are: FPR or Nazis) can only be achieved when there are first a legal recognition, equality and favourable inter-ethnic relations. Second, it can be achieved when equal treatment, equal opportunities and non-discrimination against any particular group are realized.

One can understand how this fascist belief hides the very dangerous elements in a society or in a political life; this is supremacy against other races or ethnics. This idea had been developed by Hitler by saying that German race was superior to all other races. Hitler attributed several qualities which define his people’s superiority, such as intellect, artistic, talent, honor and dynamic will to conquer other peoples and so obtain territory (John Murray 1996). There was a natural duty for members of a superior race to impose themselves on the world.


However, this special form of nationalism to racism is not only one point that describes fascism regime there are so other many points that we have to know and we will have time to develop one by one in the specific context of our country ‘RWANDA’. These are:

2. While democratically, the political system of the state is subjected to the will of the majority of the people through their representatives (in the words of John Locke), this is not so in a fascist system. There everything is submitted to the leader himself who is in return the embodiment of the state. The leader of this regime claims also that is the only single embodiment of the will of its peoples. No doubt he deserved to be a fascist dictator.


3. The leader of fascism does not claim to be its legitimate leader on ground that he has been elected by people or even that he represents at least a political party which has been installed in power by the people. Fascist qualifies himself as an idol and elite who holds power and able to retain it through strength of his will.


4. The fascist claims the rights to govern on grounds of his superior will, ability to act decisively and to move the nation in a specific direction as the result of his own inspiration. With fascist there is a similar monopoly of economic power just in the hand of the fascists group (Agatsiko).


5. This kind of leader denies any possibility of organized opposition or change done in democratic process. In his regime there is only single party rule which uses an obedient bureaucracy in order to govern. This is not dramatization but the true reality. The fascist insisted and persisted in his errors (insane thinker) because those who chose to defy his wrong will automatically die, and those who try in any way to oppose his regime will be followed wherever they will be, imprisoned, poisoned or killed in one or another way. You understand that no politician, no high rank military officer can stand.


6. In his regime (fascist leader), no other challenging ideologies are tolerated in his way, even the one from any media, churches, Doctors or Professors. The state has therefore a monopole communication media in its political life. The same there is no private sphere, no independent civil society, no free NGOs, no singer, no higher authority or human right activists who can challenge his will and activities.


7. Be aware! This seems to be a very dangerous element. For all fascists regimes, war and conquest were and are noble aspirations to show that they are the true superior and super-men from nowhere in the world. All significant and dangerous weapons are in his hands for only one purpose, to fight other peoples and obtain wealth and territory. Therefore, it is easy to understand not only why the World War One and Two were happened, but also other regional Wars are happing today. I do not even hesitate for coming soon of the World War III that will be the invasion of the renewed Hitler (Revenant de Hitler). The time will tell!
Remember it was Nazi Party that plunged the world into a war in which at least forty million people died. Remember also Kagame and his RPF Party are accused to commit Genocide in Rwanda and RDC, in which more than 8 Million people (Rwandans & Congolese) lost their lives.


8. Fascist rejects any kind of reason and prefers to play his game on emotions, fears, and prejudices and killing masses of people and imprisoning more and more saying that he is defending public interests of his people. The state of the fascist employs terror, cruelty or any public use just to maintain obedience to the fulleur. In his celebrated work, The Prince, Machiavelli (1469-1527) exhorted fascists to exhibit more ruthlessness, cruelty, cunning and if necessary deceitfulness than their rivals. There are no limits to which the rule can apply: his citizen or foreigners, white or black, his own family members, adults or children… Simple and easy! No other one in his eye, no friends against his will even his child and his wife. Wait and see!



Rwandans have been robbed of their birth rights to liberty and peace by a government founded on fascism principles. But one day there shall be peace and democracy! People shall be equal before law and enjoy equal rights, and opportunities. They shall be free from racism and white lies of RPF. Above all, all Rwandese need a new age for democracy, peace and freedom; where the unity of will and power of them will be manifested and govern their country. It will never be however a result of chance! What can we do? Will we let fascism completely destroys our unity and identity in our beautiful country? What will be the durable solution?

This cannot be a straggle for one person/ a single political party or one ethnic alone but for all Rwandese. In this context: One thing is certain. It is said that while there may be things that we cannot change, we can change the way we thing about them. We have to change our mind first. We have to set in our minds that Rwanda of today does not need racism installed by fascist leaders who are there just to divide and rule, to steal and kill. We have to remember that ‘[T]he world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.’ (Albert Einstein). To stop stepping back in dark ages where unity and democratic principles were destroyed and buried, we are invited for changing at least our mentality and the way we perceive the things. We are invited therefore to know the true cause of all our problems which is actually not ethnicity. Our main problem has never been ethnics, but Bad Governance which based on racism and favouritism. Now, no more doubt or secret, it’s all about fascist regime-based!

Venant Nkurunziza
Ishema Party




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